The Chilean community wrapped up the 2009 Migrating Kitchen Exhibition at Pataka: they cooked and they danced!

For the last six Saturdays there has been standing room only as visitors cram into the gallery to taste the different dishes from Zimbabwe, Italy, Afghanistan, theCook Islands, India and Chile. 

The gallery overflowed to watch Sandra and Eduardo dance. Sandra and Nury and their families fed the crowd on empanadas. No one went away hungry! 

A recipe from Graciela Albrecht:


We had three avocado trees in my house in Santiago. I could pick the fruit from my bedroom window (in the second floor of the house). I love them!


½ red onion and 2 tomatoes (chopped up finely)

1 T balsamic vinegar or lemon juice

Salt, pepper and olive oil

2 ripe avocados cut in small pieces – without mashing

Cut the onion, with the salt and pepper and leave to rest for a few minutes, (15min if you have time).

Add the rest of the ingredients and enjoy with your choice of chips, rice or vegetables.