Tongan Recipes

- Tongan - Ota Ika – Raw fish


· 2 pieces (300 gm) of fresh fish

· 1 onion

· 2 tomatoes

· 1 stalk of celery

· 1 lemon

· 1 tin of coconut cream



Cut up the fish in cubes, sprinkle with salt and put in the fridge.

Prepare vegetables; slice the onion, cut up tomatoes & celery.

Squeeze the lemon juice onto the fish, add the vegetables and pour the tin of coconut.

Stir and serve.

- Tongan - Otai -


· 1 pineapple

· 4 mangoes

· 1 ripe coconut

· ½ C sugar

· 1 litre of water


Peel and grate both the pineapple and mangoes into a bowl.

Grate the coconut and add a handful of the grated coconut flesh onto the fruit mixture.

Mix the remaining coconut with water and sieve into the bowl.

Add the sugar and stir.

Leave in fridge for an hour before serving.

This drink can be used as a dessert after a big feed.