Multi Tasking Russians! 

Tatiyana Sanders, one of three chefs who demonstrated their cuisinary art, juggled dough kneading with answering audience questions. Sharing the 'lazy' and the 'proper' way to make Pelmeni - the meat dumplings (one uses a ready made mould) was one highlight for the audience who laughed in understanding. Discovering that many Russian wives cook 'kiwistyle' for their families 'because it's quicker' also brought the smiles. It was a third act in a full day for the Russian community. 

The day's activities began with the colourful Russian choir, in traditional costume, sharing songs and their meanings. The voices combined with the tambourines, bells and movements were joyous and the encore demanded from the audience was well deserved.


Masks followed songs and at the craft session, several young children enjoyed choosing a mask to colour and then cut out. 


The afternoon's cooking and tasting session was a mixture of questions and cooking with Sofia Shaw, Tatiyana Sanders, Mariya Woodfield and Olga Rossiter.  The audience were treated to a three course meal - the Pelmeni served with sour cream, butter or a vinegar sauce; followed by Salad Olivier- a Russian salad rich in ham and vegetables with sauce and then the Torte Napolean completed the meal.  A rich 12-layered puff pastry with filling. 

Russian dance and food yesterday - photos by Xiao Lan Fan. Check out more photos on Facebook


One visitor commented that this was more than just a 'cooking demonstration in the museum' as she'd learnt 'heaps' about Russia and the Russians in Palmy...

Next Saturday it's the turn of the Cook Island Maori - the last chance to experience a taste of the different foods and cultures living in Palmerston North.  2pm on Saturday 5 May - don't miss it! 


Russia will share its Food, Culture & Costume in The Migrating Kitchen Te Manawa next Saturday 28th April.

Next Saturday celebrates the colourful culture and cuisine from another corner of the globe. Bring your family and your lunch sit round the kitchen table and enjoy the choir in full Russian costume at 11.30 am.

Make masks with Sofia and at 2.00 pm try your hand at making Pelmeni with Sofia, Valentina and Tatiyana.


This is a dish most people associate with Siberia and many call it “Siberian Dumpling”. Pelmeni probably did originate in Siberia where hundreds or even thousands could be made and then frozen and stored outside during the long winters. But now they’re popular all over Russia. Take away the recipe and make it for dinner.

You don’t have to go to Russia to enjoy Russian cooking!

Enjoy a range of FREE events celebrating local communities. All events take place in the exhibition space on the first floor at Te Manawa unless specified.


Saturday 28th April

11.30 am – Russian choir performing songs.

1.00 pm – Russian craft club for children

2.00 pm – 3.30 pm Cooking demonstration and tasting

Sofia Shaw, Russian co-ordinator with the special board she's made for the kitchen 

Russian craft 

Russian costume and dolls 

Olga Rossiter, Sofia Shaw and Tatiyana Sanders in the Russian Kitchen - Palmerston North