The Migrating Kitchen returns to Pataka

Sunday 15 October 11 a.m. – 2.30pm

Talk & Taste…a Final Feast!

Anna Williams, Aotearoa’s Oriental rug repairer, who has made several visits to weavers in Iran, is in the Pataka spine with beautiful Persian rugs, demonstrating techniques. She brings her rugs into the Helen Smith Room for the Iran Kitchen.

Sunday 15 October 11 a.m. – 2.30pm

Pataka, 17 Parumoana Street, Porirua.

MK Trustees:

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Emily Griffin E: M 0211103674

Russian invasion of the Ukraine February 2022

We send our Aotearoa/Ukraine friends our love and compassion as the Russians impose their military might on innocent civilians.

To the wonderful families who shared their stories and recipes in our first ever Migrating Kitchen exhibition in 2007 our hearts go out to you and your country folk. 

The Meaning of HOME     

The  short documentary 'Home' was launched in Nelson on 9 October during the recent school holidays.
Art tutor Leila Goddard & MK chair Mabel Makombore were at the Victory Centre with the young artists and supporters to see their work on the big screen.

Filmed by Keith Hawke, Hawke Films & edited by Keith & Isaac Spedding we plan to screen Home & some of our other short documentaries in Wellington.
More photos on our FB page. 

Photo exhibition Thistle Hall Wellington 20  - 26 August 2018

In this exhibition we showcase a few migrant individual stories, their diverse cultures, their unique skills and their success stories.

All participants demonstrate that New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures. Its unique blend of cultural influences makes for a vibrant national identity that values innovation, independence and a celebration of diversity.   

The exhibition offers a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences and showcase the great stories and the contributions to their immediate communities and to Aotearoa. 

The Migrating Kitchen Charitable Trust was set up 10 years ago  to provide opportunities for people in Aotearoa New Zealand to showcase their culture, celebrate stories and share their history in exhibitions, media and public events so that through knowledge, barriers are broken, tolerance and understanding emerge. 


Africa Day 12 May 2018 Wellington

Join the fun on the Waterfront, Shed 6 Queens Wharf midday - 7pm, fashion, music, dancing

Māori Language Week  | Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori

Māori Language Week will be held on 11 – 17 of September 2017. The theme this year is “Kia ora Te Reo Māori”.

The theme Kia ora te reo Māori was chosen to celebrate New Zealand’s indigenous greeting, and also as the words ‘Kia Ora’ are an exact description of the intent of the new partnerships for te reo Māori revitalisation between the Crown and Māori under the new Māori Language Act 2016. More info:

      Spotlight on Cultures

The MK Trust invites you to the launch of the documentary 

young people & their families tell stories about life in Aotearoa NZ

MK Trust - runner up in the Wellington airport Community Awards

Congratulations - a wonderful tribute to our communities, friends, helpers & supporters

10 years, 30 communities: stories, history & thousands of recipes

Thank you all!


L to R Wut Hmone Phyu (Myanmar)                                                    Isaac Spedding great editor  Mrs Kasanjani & her spices

Fahima Haidari (Afghanistan) & Zarch (Myanmar)       

 International Refugee Day Saturday 18 June Chinese Centre, Glenmore St

Food & festivities to celebrate with families forced by war, famine, intolerance, racism to seek a new home in Aotearoa NZ.

Come to the Migrating Kitchen stall & welcome those whose lives have been disrupted. Many are suffering loss of family, homes, livelihoods. Starting again in a new country, in a new language is tough. Come hear their stories & reach out a hand of friendship. DVDs, recipes, study guides.


Africa Day Celebrations on Saturday May 14 2016 were exciting. Recipes to give away, DVDs on offer...

2015 ended with the Migrating Kitchen exhibition at Pataka.  Syrians talked about leaving home - & shared  recipes


WOSOSI Choir - world song singers lead us into the wrap party after three weekends of food, stories, song and dance.

Niborom Young spoke about her newly published book I Tried Not to Cry, the journeys of 10 Cambodian refugee women


                        Spotlight on Culture exhibition & wild weekend events at Pataka October/November proved popular

This video of the MK exhibition opening was shot & edited by Scott Milligan from Milligan Media.

The MK Trust's new exhibition at Pataka Art+Museum ......young people will take an active role in films, photography....& food

Images from a great day at the NEWTOWN FESTIVAL 8 MARCH

WWW4 Peace organised a fun day with a serious theme On International Women's Day


Trustee Mabel Makombore discusses recipes for the fair with Renata Grangeiro. Khay Mar & Ko Htwe from Myanmar will produce tea leaf salad. We're honoured to be invited by the spectacular multicultural Wellington group - WWW4peace.

Festive Fusion Fare -Talk & Taste series 2014 - a huge success

thanks to everyone who took part & to all our visitors  


This series has covered food (or lack of) in the Gallipoli trenches,  heartbreaking stories of refugee life, the magic of the coconut and festive fusion fare & drawn crowds to Pataka Art+Museum in Porirua & Moore Wilson's in Wellington.                                                                  


Come and join us for a confection of free culinary and cultural experiences, running each month for the rest of this year.

SEPTEMBER: North India – Two weddings, One family (Regional wedding food to taste)

2014 Food for Thought - Talk & Taste Series 

It has been a huge success: Anne Else - cooking in Albania; Sima Urale - food in film & art; the Chait family - Jewish rituals & recipes; Glyn Harper & Food in the Gallipoli Trenches; refugee camp stories; the magic coconut & finally festive fusion fare


 Grateful thanks to the Stout Trust for providing funds for the recording of this excellent presentation about why all those fit young men virtually starved and became so sick in the Gallipoli trenches.


Glyn Harper, historian, author & professor of War Studies at Massey University talks about the appalling food dished out to soldiers in the Gallipoli trenches. He is also an award-winning author and next week he launches his eight children's book Jim's Letters, about Gallipoli. Another of his books, Le Quesnoy: The story of the town New Zealand saved is to be presented to Prince William and Kate for bedtime reading for young George!

Two opportunities to hear these entertaining speakers, take away a recipe and have a taste of something delicious. Entry is free!

Talk & Taste Series at Pataka on Saturday 5 April and at Moore Wilson's on Monday Monday 7 April -

Free entry - Anzac biscuits for tasting 1914 & 2014 versions!

Jewish Rituals & Recipes with Jayne & Martin Chait from the Dixon St Deli

The series kicked off with the dynamic award-winning Samoan-born film director Sima Urale, now senior tutor at the NZ Film & Television School. 

Next Up: 

Food in the Gallipoli trenches:  Glyn Harper, historian, author & professor of War Studies at Massey. Taste Anzac biscuits- the genuine article!

Two opportunities each to hear these entertaining speakers, take away a recipe and have a taste. They're free!

The Colour of Food: A memoir of life, love and dinner

First in this series was Anne Else, December 2013 at Pataka

When Anne married at 19, although she'd grown up above a grocery shop she'd never cooked a meal.

In her captivating take-you-there memoir, The Colour of Food, she tells her life story through her encounters with eating and cooking, moving from Auckland to Albania, Britain, France and back to Wellington.


The Colour of Food: A memoir of life, love & dinner

An original e-book published by Awa Press.

Refugee Day - a fantastic event in Cannons Creek

Hundreds of families, fabulous food from Afghanistan, Colombia, Ethiopia and from different regions of Burma/Myanmar - dancing, eating & making friends. Thanks to the organisers and all the participants it was a wonderful multicultural

Migrating Kitchen DVDs, study guides, jams & recipes at the MK stall 

Fabulous finale at Moore Wilson's: Thank you to all the chefs from Iran, Mexico, Thailand, Ethiopia, Poland, all the visitors 

Thanks to the Polish chefs, Krysia, Lizzie & Tereska. The crowd loved the pierogi, dumplings with savoury & sweet fillings. 


Thank you too for the family stories, the hardships endured coming to NZ & the vitality you have brought with you - & the fab recipes!




The former Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres joined Mulu and Elfenesh Tesfa in the Migrating Kitchen at Moore Wilson's (over 100% earthquake secure!)

With offices closed in the city, the Migrating Kitchen was open for business and a delicious lunch of injera, chicken (doro wett), lamb and vegetarian dishes were served by the industrious chefs. 

 Scenes from the Migrating Kitchen at Moore Wilson's in July

Radio NZ at Migrating Kitchen!


Radio NZ's Lynda Chanwai-Earle's reports on the Migrating Kitchen at Moore Wilson's

Go to RNZ Archives : 26th March 2013 19th March 2013

Lynda recording Annie Coates

SE Asia Night Market 

The SE Asia Night Market 16 March on Wellington's waterfront was a huge success with thousands cramming on to the walkway in front of Te Papa to watch dancers, sample sumptuous food and buy handicrafts  Recipes from previous Migrating Kitchen exhibitions whetted the appetite!


Annie Coates & helpers fed hundreds from the Myanmar Migrating Kitchen tent. Hand-loomed scarves were popular - made by Porirua women from Myanmar/Burma's ethnic minorities: Shan, Chin, & Kachin. And we recruited a few Friends for the MK Trust


                    Plans for this year are underway and we look forward to hearing your ideas

 Last event of 2012: Migrating Kitchen Exhibition at Moore Wilson's

 Thank you MOORE WILSON'S  Iranians entertained, cooked, gave out recipes, made music, danced & talk about Iran

They danced!                  They talked!                    We ate!


Delicious dips Monday, rice dishes Tues, sweet treats Wed. Recipes - on the website created & designed by Geoff Head. 

Geoff, Graciela Albrecht, his Chilean wife & their daughter starred in the Chile 'kitchen' at Pataka in '09.


Rug repairer, Anna Williams picked up new techniques on her recent visit to Iran

Afghanistan cuisine

At Moore Wilson's Fahima talks about the dangerous trek leaving Afghanistan on foot with five young children. She had to wear a full burqa in fear of the Taliban. She demonstrates the creative art of Mantu, Chapli Kebab and Shir Berenj - Afghan/Persian rice pudding. 


         Fahima cooking at Festival of the Elements with Baquer her son            Making mantu at Moore Wilson's, & recipes 

French cuisine at Moore Wilson's: We were honoured to have the Ambassador Francis Etienne and his wife open the French show at Moore Wilson's. This was a warm up before they left to launch the Cordon Bleu School round the corner!

The French connection ended with cheeses - fabulous French cheeses. Ludovic Avril from Le Marche Francais generously shared his knowledge - yet another taste of France



French chef Pierre Bugaud in action entertains visitors with garlic mussels followed by sautéed chicken livers & bacon.

And here is his RECIPE for Crème Anglaise avec les Oeufs a la Neige. Shared for all to enjoy.




For the last two days members of Burma/Myanmar's diverse ethnic communities have cooked and entertained the packed kitchen at Moore Wilson's. 

Glimpses of the cooking in the Myanmar kitchen last week:

Refugee stories and the challenges facing refugee groups here, hopeful discussions about changes in Myanmar and fascinating food make lunch in the Migrating Kitchen a thoughtful affair. Tourist visitors in town for WOW wandered into the MW kitchen and had an unexpected culinary and educative experience. They want the Migrating Kitchen to travel!



Hajar Ali, student & author spoke of the need to understand each other's cultures, a theme carried on by Sam Sefuiva from the Human Rights Commission. Ruth Pretty told entertaining stories about how our food tastes have changed dramatically since more refugee & migrant groups have settled here.

Then it was "bon appetit"!



                     Ruth Pretty, Ruth Pretty Catering                                  Sam Sefuiva, Principal Advisor Race Relations, HRC

Afghan, Burmese, French & Iranian communities will cook, make music and entertain from Monday to Wednesday throughout October.

Moore Wilson is continuing their generous sponsorship of the Migrating Kitchen Trust by providing all ingredients  for the four communities - and their wonderful kitchen in College Street. No longer will the chefs have to make do with a two ring burner - although they provided fabulous food in our exhibitions.  

Bring your friends, join Friends of the Migrating Kitchen Trust, taste delicious food, take away recipes.

Updates for times for each community will be posted on our Facebook Page. 

Interested in becoming a Friend of the Migrating Kitchen Trust?

Email our administrator Judy McKoy  T (04) 233 9365    M 021 263 9844



A very big thank you to all the communities, to the sponsors (check them out on the sponsor page) and visitors who too part at:  Te Manawa Gallery,  326 Main Street, Palmerston North

Exhibition coordinator: Christine Coles

Migrating Kitchen 2012 Exhibition 

Te Manawa's McDiarmid Gallery was transformed into a blaze of colour, smell and sound as six local communities opened their kitchens in The Migrating Kitchen Exhibition.


Amongst their personal belongings on loan are treasures to be discovered - a dog-eared family exercise book with spindly French handwriting reveals recipes from 1906; copies of a Zimbabwean mother's stew recipe to take away (her daughter phoned Zimbabwe just to check she could pass it on and had it correct the way her mother made it).  Then there's the hand painted dinner set from Russia; traditional cooking implements guarded by Bhutanese families through refugee camps, now used in Palmerston North; Filipino sweets to savour and Cook Island material to feast the eyes on.

The Migrating Kitchen exhibition celebrates festivals, fashion and food with local multicultural communities - and this year the exhibition was held in Palmerston North - at Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History.

The support shown for the concept by local communities and businesses is evidence of the multi-cultural community that is at the heart of Palmerston North say the curators.


Every weekend one community commandeers the big kitchen table and the gallery is packed for the entertainment – and the food. Recipes are given away in each ‘kitchen’, DVDs play above each kitchen bench and kids enjoy grinding the spices and crushing the herbs.

It’s fun, vibrant and a great way to get to know your neighbours.


Kitchens Migrate to Palmerston North

Bhutanese, Filipino, Russian, Cook Island, Zimbabwean &  French communities  - Sharing Food Sharing Culture

The Migrating Kitchen’s celebration has become a bi-annual feature at Porirua’s Pataka Museum, but in April and May the concept travelled to Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North. It’s a first for the Manawatu and the first time the event has been staged out of Wellington, but the support of The Migrating Kitchen Trust and enthusiasm of a local committee ensured its success.

Palmerston North City Council creative communities grants awards. Front row centre: Migrating Kitchen Trust's Jennifer Bush-Daumec, the PN co-ordinator, Christine Coles, and Nirmala Nand, President of Multi-Ethnic Council, PN

It kicked off on March 30 with a get-together for all the participating communities. Guest speaker wasTony Simpson, well-known researcher and presenter on New Zealand food and its origins,        author of ‘A Distant Feast’. The celebration was opened by City Councillor Tangi Utikere and the performances and food platters to set the tone for the following six weeks.

The first community to take over the migrated kitchen and display space for a week was the Bhutanese. they were followed by groups from Zimbabwe, the Philippines, France, Russia and the Cook Islands. Each community planned their own set of artifacts and activities so other New Zealanders could enjoy the diverse cultural experiences these migrant communities have brought with them.

Visitors to the Migrating Kitchen Exhibition at Te Manawa could study an especially prepared display about each of the participating communities and view a 10 minute film of each community. These introduce the families, who explain how they came to be in New Zealand, show food and cooking and how the local community gets together for religious, cultural or social events that help keep some of their traditions alive. 

It was a wonderful six weeks of celebration of food and culture showcasing the rich contribution migrant communities can make to Aotearoa/New Zealand. The Trust thanks all the participants, the curators Jennifer Bush-Daumec and Christine Coles and all the visitors.

The Migrating Kitchen @ Festival of the Elements was 'epic'

At Porirua on Waitangi Day 6 Feb, ten communities cooked food, served favourite national dishes,gave cooking demonstrations and sold craft: Afghan, Burmese, Iranian, Italian, Japanese, Moroccan, Pacific, West &South African....and more                      

Recipes will be posted on the website



 More photos of the multi cultural day at the Festival of the Elements on Facebook



    2009 & 2011 DVDs are now available for sale 

 “An accessible, educational, entertaining resource that makes ethnic communities visible” 

   Joris de Bres, Race Relations Commissioner


    "Fascinating migrant and refugee stories: this DVD is an asset to any teaching programme"

      Margaret Tolland, Education Co-ordinator at Pataka

                                                   Contact Anna -


The Migrating Kitchen at Pataka, August & September 2011

Was regarded as 'the best ever!' after six weeks of fine food and fabulous entertainment. 

Thanks to all the communities: Argentinean, Iranian, Japanese, South African, Tongan and Welsh.


The Argentinians treated visitors to empanadas, alfajores, and rice pudding, ending with a trio whose music had us tango dancing in the gallery. 

       More photos by Alden Williams       

The previous week the Tongans at the Migrating Kitchen filled the Pataka gallery with beauty, joy - and generosity of spirit.

Then there was the feast which entertained and fed an overflowing gallery!

       More photos on Facebook       Check out photos by Alden Williams   

Migrating Kitchen entertained visitors at Wellington airport yesterday. We kicked off with Eddie Peterson and his group, Vuyisa - to bring joy in Xhosa, then Shahram Aryan's trio and the grand finale from the Tongan choir.

 The South Africans & the Welsh faced off before their big clash at the Cake Tin.


  The Welsh Cuisine, Music, Arts and Crafts and then off to the airport to welcome their Welsh rugby team. 


                                                                                                                                                                                       More photos on Facebook

The Iranians entertained with music, Persian rugs, calligraphy, poetry and dance and of course, Iranian cooking and tasting. 

                                                                                                                                                                           Check out photos by Alden Williams


The MK exhibition kicked off with the Japanese who entertained visitors this weekend with a beautiful Ikebana display, a tranquil tea ceremony, then a cooking demonstration in the gallery with a tasty treat for everyone.                                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                   More photos on Facebook

The Migrating Kitchen opened with the Welsh national anthem, which blew the last snow off Pataka Museum's roof. Visitors were entranced by the Iranian dancers, a melodic Tongan trio and stunning Argentine Tango dancers before the Mayor of Porirua Nick Leggett flung open the doors to the Migrating Kitchen exhibition and fabulous food from six ethnic kitchens.

Pataka Porirua Museum of Arts and Cultures 

Norrie Street Porirua, New Zealand map link ph 04 237-1511 

Narooz - the Iranian New Year Celebrations


The International Migrating Kitchen Craft Fair - 10 September at Pataka