Welsh Recipes

- Welsh Rarebit - Old fashioned cheese on toast


· 4 slices of bread

· 1 egg

· 30 g softened butter

· 1t ready made mustard

· pinch of salt & pepper

· drop of worcester sauce

· 170g grated cheddar cheese

· 2 T sherry or beer

· fresh parsley or herbs

Serves 4 or 2 very hungry people.


Toast the bread on one side only.

Cream all the ingredients well in a bowl and spread on the untoasted side of the bread.

Brown under a hot grill till browning and bubbly.

Serve straight away as a snack, brunch or supper.

- Welsh - Pice Ary Maen - Welsh cakes

            There are lots of variations on this depending where you are from and grandma’s “hand me downs”.


· 4 C SR flour

· 1 ½ C butter or margarine

· ¾ C caster sugar

· pinch salt

· 2 C currants & sultanas, washed & dried

· 1 t cinnamon

· 1 beaten egg

· drop of milk to bind the mixture

Makes about 20


Rub sieved flour with the butter in a bowl.

Mix in the sugar, salt and cinnamon, then the egg, then the mixed dried fruit.

Add the beaten egg and a tiny amount of milk to bind the mixture.

Roll out to ½ cm thick approximately. Cut with small cutters or a small strong glass.

Cook on a ligtly greased griddle or heavy frying pan for about 3 minutes each side till golden brown but soft in the middle.

Dust with caster sugar whilst still hot. Will keep 10 days in an airtight container or they freeze well.

Tip: Always break eggs into a small bowl first to remove any shell fragments before tipping into mixture!