Japanese Recipes

- Japanese - Paper Wrapped Steamed Fish –


· 4 white fish fillets (500g) – e.g. cod, gurnard, snapper, tarakihi, warehau

· 4 tablespoons sake

· 1 bunch spring onion

· 8 mushrooms, sliced

· 4 pieces (10×10cm) konbu seaweed

· 2 limes, sliced

· 1 teaspoon salt

· 4 sheets (30×30cm ) cooking paper

Serves 4


Sprinkle fish fillets with salt.

Cut the spring onion in 5cm long strips.

Slice the mushrooms and limes in thin slices.

Divide these ingredients in 4 portions.

Place konbu seaweed, a fillet of fish, spring onions, mushrooms and limes on the cooking paper in this order.

Sprinkle with Sake on top and wrap securely.

Make 3 more in the same way.

Transfer the wrapped fish to a preheated steamer. Steam over for about 15 minutes.

When you eat the fish, you may also use soy sauce to add more flavour.

- Japanese - Candied Sweet Potatoes -


· 600g kumara

· 6 T sugar

· 1 t soy sauce

· 1 T black parched sesame

Serves 4



Wash kumara well. Cut kumara into bite-sized pieces with skin on.

Deep fry kumara at 160 degrees for approximately 8 minutes. When the surfaces harden, increase the oil temperature.

Place water, sugar and soy sauce in a frying pan and heat while stirring. When the liquid thickens, remove from the heat.

Put the just-fried kumara in the liquid, mix quickly and sprinkle with the black parched sesame.