Activities for Schools and Groups


TALK ABOUT the difference between nationality and ethnicity.

SEARCH OUT how many different countries your extended family/whanau comes from. FIND them on the map.
FIND OUT the different flags for each of the countries featured on the DVD. How many others can you find?
INTERVIEW someone from a different culture. Find out about their language. Get to know at least 3 languages
- in which you can write and count to 10; and
- in which you can write and say "my name is... , I come from ....".
INVESTIGATE different herbs and spices. Can you find out where they come from and how they get to our shops?What spices originate from this country?

IDENTIFY AND DESCRIBE some traditions and celebrations associated with the different cultures in your group / class.
HAVE a cultural food day - ask everyone to bring their favourite festival food. Let everyone tell you how the food is served at their festival and why it's special to them.
MAKE A LIST of all the favourite recipes from your class / group - choose one to make and taste.
- the way meat is prepared in different cultures;
- the types of bread eaten across the world; and
- seasonal fruits and vegetables of different countries.

TAKE A FRIEND, GO TO a shop or a market and ask to sample something you've never smelt or eaten before. Be adventurous!
EXPLORE eating using different utensils and in different ways (e.g. chopsticks, fingers, from the same bowl, sitting on the floor.)
COLLECT pictures of places the foods and spices come from.
MAKE A PUZZLE. Ask people to match pictures of prepared food dishes with the pictures or names of different spices and ingredients in the dish. How many do they get right?